CDM Frozen Yogurt

CDM Frozen Yogurt Corona del Mar

CDM Frozen Yogurt was born on the 4th of July 2008 and is family owned and operated!

Our family's goal is to mix only the best "Premium Grade" frozen yogurt available for our customers. We have made over 150 custom blended yogurt flavors and are still taking requests for new flavors today. CDM Yogurt is where you, the customer, help us to decide what flavors to serve you weekly. We offer both low fat and non-fat frozen yogurt along with a customer favorite "Only 7 Soft-Serve" , which is non-fat, low carb, fructose sweetened, and simply delicious!

Comeon down, and try all of our 10 daily flavors, 15 if you blend them, and over 40 self-serve toppings, pick your favorite and then serve yourself as much as you want! You'll enjoy the only "Premium Grade", custom blended, self-serve frozen yogurt in all of Newport Beach!

From our family to yours!